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The following is for proofreader sign-ons who want to be the most helpful.

August is the "AAmanuscript" deadline. This isn't arbitrary; it gives me a couple of months at least to cope with your scathing review composed with different coloured letters cut out from magazines. Then I can work on the second draft and be in the right frame of mind before writing the part that comes chronologically after that story ends (aka "November"). Also a good time to let me know if you can't make feedback to speak of, which is acceptable; if Kyt finishes the other two thirds then I'll have plenty of divergent views already.

December is the earliest I would want to see anything about "BBmanuscript" at all, owing to how I want to think about a project so distant to the proofreader that it doesn't even get a place in the schedule. If you send me anything I will compulsively open it and be distracted from what I would rather do, and not be very happy. I'm already getting into the headspace I need from the couple of critiques so far, so some ideas have time to cook.

Which is not to say you can't write something. I just don't want it. Stash it in Drafts or something, lest you incur the wrath of the dreaded Tokoloshe, or are abducted by aliens.
A brief panic attack upon returning home to the hedgepig )
I didn't come home to much-needed mail like a paycheck or imported disc, but I did find the bag with paperbacks and hardcovers and the Levitation boxset in it. Now I can listen to a digital copy of Dangerous Vision, nobbut with way better production values than the crap ones from the Zones LP.

I'm going to go sleep now, free from the possibility of a face full of cat at 6 AM. The cats are safe with mommy now, no need for Uncle D.


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