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See this? The original purpose of this was actually to prevent the tiles from falling into the wall, because there's nothing behind them. "Ziploc Bag Patch Job" by J. Madeley, documented by me.

But there was an unintended side effect, and a good one. Ever since that bag's been put there, we haven't seen a single drop come from the below documented thing:


Try to imagine it: shower water formerly of unknown origin (moisture from the pipes, we wondered?) splashes into the tile holes, collects with all the damp and rot and whatever else is inside the walls or directly below the tub, and then begins to saturate the recently redone popcorn ceiling of the dining room below. This results in the phenomenon "Dining Room Ceiling Hole", documented by me. Pieces of decaying popcorn treatment and the occasional droplet constantly threaten to fall into food on the dining room table that you're about to eat.

Fortunately, a couple of people have come by to take pictures and make a quote. I think the second guy came around because the property manager didn't believe the first guy, but that whole shower section of the bathroom needs to be re-tiled after new drywall is put in. Then the dining room ceiling, all water damaged sections replaced and I suspect they'll try to put the same old popcorn treatment over top.

Not seen: due to Samsung camera phone malfunction, you don't get a portrait of "bathroom sink dripping directly into a large pot", so that you always have to check the pot and see if its contents need to be dumped into the toilet. That'll be a pipe and faucet replacement.


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